Ran Lahav
29 November 2017
If we want to do deep philosophy, we must remember the philosophical voices of the past. The writings of deep philosophers throughout history are humanity’s attempt to address basic life-issues, which...
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Narelle Arcidiacono
03 November 2017
Dramatic Philosophy Dramatic representations have long been conceived as provocations for philosophical engagement. From Plato and Hypatia through Brecht and Sartre, Beauvoir and Duras, they have prov...
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Thus spoke... who?

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The five passages below are from famous philosophical texts. Well, not exactly – they are only approximate paraphrases of the original texts (so you cannot identify them with an Internet search engine). How many philosophers can you identify?

Years ago I noticed that many of the things which I believed to be true were in fact false. As a result, everything that I based on these beliefs was questionable. And once I realized this, I decided that I should get rid of all my beliefs and opinions, and construct my knowledge from the beginning on a firm foundation.

A human being is like a rope that is stretched between an animal and a noble person. He is a process – the process of dangerous crossing, a dangerous not-yet, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous shaking and stopping. What is great in the human being is that he is a bridge and not a goal. What can be loved in him is that he is in transition.

What do I mean when I say that my existence comes before my essence? I mean that first of all I exist – I appear in the world, and only afterwards I define myself. A person cannot be defined, because at the beginning he is nothing. Only afterwards he will be something, and...


Ritiro di Filosofia Contemplativa Coazze (TO), Venerdì 26 Gennaio – Lunedì 29 Gennaio, 2018 Organizzatori: Ran Lahav, Michele Zese, Stefania Giordano     L’invito è rivolto a tutti coloro ch...
Philosophisches Retreat im Piemont Freitag, 2. Februar bis Sonntag, 4. Februar 2018 in Coazze nahe Turin   Organisation: The Deep Philosophy Group - Monika Obermeier, Ran Lahav und andere Wir wol...
Dear colleagues, Greetings! Today we contact you to send you the complete call of the 15th International Conference of Philosophical Practice (15 ICPP) where several philosophers, researchers, educato...

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