The electronic meeting-place of philosophical practitioners from around the world

Philosophical Practice 
is an international movement of philosophers who believe that philosophy is relevant to everyday life and to the person in the street. Philosophical Practitioners work with individuals, groups, and organizations, as well as among themselves in order to reflect on basic life-issues and personal predicaments.
The Philosophical Practice Agora  website is designed to create a space for pluralistic dialogue among philosophical practitioners from around the world, as well as the general public.


Currently we are developing a new format of philosophical practice - the philosophical companionship (both online and face-to-face). We are also working on additional videotaped interviews with philosophical practitioners from around the world.

For a list of all interviewees and reflection-writers, see the Agora Participants page.

Our team:

Agora Directors: Ran Lahav and Carmen Zavala

Spanish video-interviews section: Carmen Zavala
Greek video-inteviews section: Manos Perrakis
Hebrew video-interviews section: Ruth Eilon
Reflections page: Albert Hoffmann

Associate team members: Lydia Amir, Laura Candiotto, Leon de Haas, Helen Douglas, Silvia Peronaci, Young Rhee, Maria Chiara Salvini, Jorge Sánchez-Manjavacas, Kate Mehuron, Arto Tukiainen, Emmy Van Deurzen, Michael Noah Weiss, Samuel Zinaich.


  • Gerald Hofer - A spiritual vision for Philosophical Practice
    Adriaan Hoogendijk 10.12.2015 19:51
    I love Geralds thoughts
    Gerald is not living only in his head, he is a rather a complete person. That is, I think, the reason why he thinks and feels more spiritually and why he asks for the reason of life to everybody, and not ...


  • Rosa Oliveira: Philosophical Practice in Portugal
    Rosa Oliveira 29.09.2015 11:40
    "Prática Filosófica" em Portugal
    Muito boa tarde, Maria Neves! Grata pela informação bibliográfica. É excelente que possamos ter acesso rápido na Web... Obrigada. Lerei com atenção! Suscitou-me grande interesse o artigo "Phenomenology ...