Maurizio Bisogno
10 September 2017
[Maurizio Bisogno - introduction, second revision, 0817] Why do most humans use substances that alter their state of the mind? Why do humans have this need to get intoxicated? Is it due to human natur...
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Ran Lahav
05 August 2017
Philosophical Contemplation is not just an intellectual exercise. When we contemplate a text or an idea, we must be able to appreciate what is precious, even sacred. The word “sacred” might create res...
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Puzzle 8 1.4 array only


1. Democritus believed that the world is made of them.
4. Marcus Aurelius' guiding principle.
5. According to Heraclitus, you cannot step twice into it.
6. A tool of Occam.
7. For Anaximenes, all things are composed of it.
9. Anselm tried to prove that he exists.
10. The American philosopher John Rawls became famous for his theory about it.
12. For Thales, everything is made of it.
13. Schopenhauer believed that it has no meaning.
16. The branch of logic that deals with possibilities and necessities.
18. For Sartre, it objectifies the other person.
20. Considered the father of modern theory of capitalism.
21. For Wittgenstein, what you should keep when you cannot speak about something.
23. A leading thinker of the Frankfurt School.
24. For the Greeks, the divine order of the cosmos.



Ran Lahav
17 June 2017
A RETREAT OF PHILOSOPHICAL CONTEMPLATION Near Torino, Italy, Wednesday August 30 – Monday, September 4 Come and leave at your own free time. Free part...
05 May 2017
Frühjahrstagung von IGPP und BV-PP am 6.-7. Mai 2017 in Meißen „Erfahrungsaustausch in und über Philosophische Praxis“   Programm der Frühjahrsta...

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