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Today we contact you to send you the complete call of the 15th International Conference of Philosophical Practice (15 ICPP) where several philosophers, researchers, educators, entrepreneurs and general public will meet together to share ideas, dialogues, new topics to reflection, and many practices, all in relation to philosophical practice.

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Philosophical practice to create humanizing relationships and peace contexts

Mexico2017What are the ICPPs?
ICPPs are the largest International Conferences in the field of philosophical practice. Since 1994, have concentrated the most important practical and applied philosophers of the international sphere such as Lou Marinoff, Gerd Achembach, Ran Lahav, Neri Polastri, Karin Murris, Oscar Brenifier, Ora Gruengard, Peter Raabe, Peter Harteloh, Anders Lindseth, Leon de Haas, Lydia Amir, José Barrientos, Roxana Kreimer (among other important philosophical practitioners), addressing the most diverse fields of aplication such as philosophical counseling, philosophy for children and young, philosophical workshops applied in various areas, philosophical cafes, philosophy for organizations, etc. 
Philosophical practice responds to a fundamental concern: the need for philosophical aplications and the need for philosophy on the part of society. Thus, since 70's and 80's of the past century, great exponents in this area have claimed that the work of philosophy has to do with approaching individuals, groups and organizations. This way, many methodologies, theoretical basis and materials have been constructed in order to emphasize that philosophy must be linked to an educational, interactive and applied task.

History of the ICPPS 

In 1994, the first International Conference of Philosophical Practice was held in Vancouver, and since then the ICPP has been developed every year or two in different parts of the world. Countries such as Canada, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, USA, UK, Denmark, South Korea, Greece, Serbia, Switzerland, Italy, etc. have hosted this Conferences. This year is a source of great pride because we are facing the first International Conference of Philosophical Practice to be held in Latin America in 2018, specifically in Mexico.

General objective

To promote the academic, educational and personal development of our assistants through the exchabge and presentation of conferences, workshops, activities, panels and presentations of practical philosophers all over the world.

Inviting Institutions

Educational Center for Autonomous Creation in Philosophical Practices (CECAPFI), in conjunction with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the College of Sciences and Humanities (CCH), the Latin American Center of Philosophy for Children (CELAFIN), the Vasco de Quiroga University (UVAQ), the Mexican Federation of Philosophy for Children, the Philosophical Observatory of Mexico, the Salesian Institute of Higher Studies (ISES), the Newland Center of Philosophy for Children, the Documentation Center in Latin Amercian and Iberian Philosophy (CEFILIBE), the Philosophical Practice Institute (IPP), the Pensadero Group, Owl Red Proyect of Philosophical Practice, the Owl Red Philosophical Cafe, The American Philosophical Practitioners Association (APPA), the Philo-Practice Agora, the International Research program Wisdom (W3P), Haser International Journey on Philosophical Practice, the Center of Studies and Research in French Philosophy (CIFRA), Educational Noveltyes Editorial, Philosophical Institute of Guadalajara (IF), the Regional Cooperation Center for the education of adults in Latin America and the Caribean (CREFAL), Dramatic Philosophy, Roma 3 University, Esther Charabati's Philosophical Cafe, Hellenic Society for Philosophical Practice, Consulenza Filosofica (SUCF).


Gerd Achembach (Germany), Lou Marinoff (USA), Ran Lahav (Israel), Peter Raabe (Canada), Peter Harteloh (Netherlands), Anders Lindseth (Norway), Young Rhee (South Korea), Detlef Saude (Switzerland), Leon de Haas (Netherlands), David Sumiacher (Mexico-Argentina), Jorge Humberto Dias (Portugal), Mike Roth (Germany), José Barrientos Rastrojo (Spain), Lucie Antoniol (Belgium), Walter Kohan (Brazil), Guro Hansen Helskog (Norway), Riella Moryahim (Israel), Michael Noah Wiess (Norway), Enrique Rendón (Mexico), Víctor Rojas (Colombia), Lydia Amir (Israel), Ora Gruendard (Israel), Paulina Ramírez (Mexico), Miguel Angel Zapotitla (Mexico), Virginia Sánchez (Mexico), Ángel Alonso (Mexico), Oscar Brenifier (France), Soraya Tonsich (Argentina), Viktoria Cherneko (Russia), Leslie Cázares (Mexico), Alexsandar Fatic (Serbia), Angélica Enríquez (Mexico), Félix García Moriyón (Spain), Narelle Arcidiacono (Australia), Julián Macías (Argentina), Olga Grau (Chile), Carmen Zavala (Perú), Giancarlo Marinelli (Italy), Mauricio Langón (Uruguay),  Eugenio Echeverría (Mexico), Ricardo Cano (Mexico), Enrique Maraver (Mexico), José Ezcurdia (Mexico), Paola Zamora (Mexico), Víctor Florencio Ramírez (Mexico), Josefina Díaz (Mexico),  Eloísa González (Mexico), Mónica Cavallé (Spain), Samuel Guerra Bravo (Ecuador), Víctor Hugo Galván (Mexico), Tetsuya Kono (Japan), Raúl Trejo (Mexico), Neri Polastri (Italy), Esther Charabati (Mexico), Constantinos Athanasopoulos (Greece).  

                    CALL FOR PAPERS

Types of participations

1. Workshop
2. Interactive theoretical presentation
3. Book presentation
4. Philosophical Poster

Thematic Lines

a) History of philosophy and its relation to philosophical practice.

b) Reflections on philosphical practice as an epistemic discipline (understanding of the discipline, ethical framework of philosophical practice, etc.)

c)Philosophical counseling

d)Workshops and applications with diverse gropus (women, vulnerable groups, hospital patients, army, etc. )

e) Philosophy for / with children

f) Philosophy with organizations

g) Didactics of Philosophy

h) New challenges of philosphical practice

i) Philosophical practice in education

j) Philosophy in public spaces

Fill out your Registration Form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before november 15th. 2017

All submissions will be reviewed by our Academic Comitee which will provide support and guidance to our speakers. 


Date: June 25-29, 2018

City: Mexico City, Mexico

Seat: National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)  www.unam.mx

Directed to: Philosophers, educators, psycologists, teachers, coordinators, leaders, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, engineers, general public.
- Mexico, Latin America, Africa, countries of emerging economies: $1,000 mxn (from June 15th. to September 31st. 2017, afterwards the price will rise)

- Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia: $100 usd (from June 15th. to September 31st. 2017, afterwards the price will rise)

The cost includes:

- Welcome and closing dinner
- Materials and gifts per person
- Coffee break during the Conference
- Acces to all Conference activities

Make your payment in either of the following ways:

- Deposit via PayPal to the account This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for $1,050 mxn or $105 usd (This payment includes a surcharge for the PayPal operation cost)

- Bank deposit: BBVA Bancomer in the name of Centro Educativo para la Creación Autónoma en Prácticas Filosóficas. Account 0195803950, CLABE 012420001958039509 BIC CODE/SWIFT BCMRMXMM, ABBA: 021000021 for $100 usd or $1,000 mxn.

We really apreciate if you help us to spread this call with your colleagues, also we invited you to visit the facebook page 15 ICPP  where constinously we update information about the seat, the program, videos with the speakers and many more details!  
Special Call: In this ICPP we will complete a list of Universities and Institutios of Higher Level Studies that impart some program, subject, postgraduate program or project in relation to philosphical practice. This will be published for sharing with the international community. At the moment we have a list of almost 70 Universities! We hope that those who have not yet submitted information will suport us with this valuable contribution for the development of our discipline.

We look forward to see you soon!

Organizing Comittee

David Sumiacher
Paulina Ramírez
Miguel Ángel Zapotitla
Ángel Alonso
Virginia Sánchez

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