Summer philosophical seminar - "Philosophical practice (counseling): the analysis of world and Russian experience"

Summer philosophical seminar - "Philosophical practice (counseling): the analysis of world and Russian experience"

South Ural State University

South Ural State Humanitarian Pedagogical University

Scientific Journal “Socium i Vlast” (“Society and Power”)

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 Dear colleagues!

We invite you to participate in

Russian scientific event

with international participation

Summer philosophical seminar

"Philosophical practice (counseling):

the analysis of world and Russian experience"

July 26th – August 4th 2017

Crimea, Koktebel (Feodosia), Hotel “Голубой залив” (“The Blue Bay”)

The purpose and problems of the seminar

  • the presentation of new ideas in the field of philosophical practice (counseling), the exchange of these ideas and the development of the perspective program of their use in Russia;
  • the enrichment of traditional philosophical problems with new themes and research tasks, the updating the connection of philosophy with the world of everyday life;
  • the spreading and popularization of philosophical knowledge and methods of philosophizing in the conditions of modern culture;
  • the foundation of Russian Association of Philosophical Practitioners;
  • the acquaintance of Russian scientists and general public with the foreign and domestic experience of using philosophical tools to solve actual problems of human existence in the world of everyday life;
  • the using of the experience of philosophical practice in the field of education.

Summer philosophical seminar

implies following forms

1. The cycle of lectures by leading Russian and foreign Philosophical Practitioners which are dedicated to the main theoretical aspects of philosophical practice (counseling). 1-2 lectures per day.

Samples of topics:

  • The history of philosophical practice: experience and prospects;
  • The variety of forms and methods in philosophical practice: typology and structure;
  • The building of philosophical dialogue: argumentation, problematization, questioning, conceptualization, interpretation;
  • Philosophical Companionship: methodological principles;
  • Philosophical counseling in the practice of education;
  • Philosophy for children and adults: age and socio-cultural features of philosophical communication;
  • Philosophical practice and psychotherapy: general trends and special features.

2. Free discussion of participants with the aim of practical use the theoretical material, of testing the proposed methods, exchanging ideas.

3. Round tables on the problematic issues that will arise in the process of the seminar. Round tables will focus on the reflection of the participants on the problems of synthesis of theory and practice of philosophical practice (counseling). The main purpose of the round tables is to develop the comprehensive program of further research in the field of philosophical practice and to plan the implementation of this program.

Samples of topics:

  • Organization and Associations of Philosophical Practitioners;
  • Philosophical counseling as a profession;
  • Philosophical Practice and the Internet;
  • Philosophical practice and applied scientific researches;
  • Educational programs for philosophical counseling (theory and practice);
  • Philosophical practice and the process of education.

4. Organization of cycle of interviews, online sessions and online counseling to promote the ideas of philosophical practice in the Russian information space, which will be step for the creation of a permanent website for Russian Philosophical Practitioners.

Summer philosophical seminar will be held on the Black Sea at the height of summer in the place that is symbolic for every Russian intellectual – Koktebel. Koktebel known as the meeting place for creative Russian intellectuals at the beginning of the twentieth century, because there was the house of the poet and artist Maximilian Voloshin. This is a symbolic place which is forever linked to the whole galaxy of names of Russian poets, painters, writers and philosophers. The unique combination of beautiful nature of the Black Sea coast with the intellectual heritage of Koktebel were determined the choice of the place for our seminar.

The conditions of participation

Chairman of the organizing committee:

Sergey Borisov, PhD in Philosophy, professor of SUSHPU and SUSU

Co-chairman of the organizing committee:

Elena Grednovskaya, PhD in Philosophy, associate professor of SUSU

Applications for participation are accepted till May 31th, 2017. The papers and presentations, as well as membership card information should be sent to the e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (with note: Summer Seminar).

Forms and conditions of the seminar

  • Accommodation of participants at “The Blue Bay” is expected for 9 days, of which the first and last days are arrival and departure, 5 days - for work and 2 days for excursion.
  • Lectures, workshops, discussions, round tables will be held in the conference room with technical support and the possibility of web presentations (the details of web participation will be discussed individually).
  • The seminar's work will continue for 4-5 days (4 hours before lunch and four hours in the afternoon with coffee break).
  • Excursions are outside of Koktebel are assumed the participants' request for an additional fee.
  • The detailed program of activities and official invitation will be given individually to each participant of the seminar after the organizational preparation.

Financial terms and forms of payment

  • Accommodation and transit by participants.


Голубой залив (The Blue Bay)

Приморье (The Seaside)

Творческая волна (The Creative wave)

Арт-отель (The Art-Hotel)

Дом писателей (The House of writers)

  • The registration fee (by cash, on the spot). The registration fee includes a) the rental of conference rooms; b) the organization of events; c) coffee breaks during each working day; d) editorial services for the publication of articles and the electronic digest (up to 10 pages). Amount of registration fee is 3000 rubles.
  • Payment of excursions and wellness facilities (by cash, by participant's request, on the spot).




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