Federica Beneventi

Federica Beneventi

I am an Italian philosophical practitioner based in Modena. I graduated in Philosophy at the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, with a thesis on the connection between the concept of free will and new discoveries in neuroscience. After completing my degree, I started a Master's degree in Philosophical Counselling at Ca' Foscari – University of Venice, which I am presently concluding.

As a philosophical practitioner, I organize philosophical cafés in my hometown, and philosophical workshops in schools, as well as with volunteers of the hospital organization "Librarsi" in Sassuolo.

Let us take a step further starting from what has been said previously and trying to define the core of the issue. When a person decides to consult a philosophical counsellor rather than a psychologist or psychotherapist, this probably originates from the need to deal with something deeper than the problem of "why I feel this and not something else". Maybe the need is to understand not only why I think according to a particular pattern, but also how I think. It means to investigate the ideas and the beliefs which guide the counselee's life, who most of time is not aware of them.

When I became interested in philosophical practice and started my journey into this field, the question of the purpose of PP appeared soon as very relevant to me: understanding this purpose could be guiding in the first place those who want to undertake this profession, much more than the wish of helping others to find solutions to everyday life's problems or simply the wish to keep on studying philosophy for one's own sake.

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