Gerald Hofer

Gerald Hofer

I am a German philosopher, a board member of the International Society for Philosophical Practice (IGPP), and alumnus of the first education course of the German professional association on philosophical practice. I am dedicated to exploring ways to approach the fathomless, or what the ancients called “the One.”

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The difference between philosophical practice and classical therapy methods (e.g., psychotherapy) is, strictly speaking, that the philosopher does not seek to control the situation. What a philosopher can do is keep himself/herself continuously open-minded for his guest.

Do you know the situation in a dialogue when suddenly everything turns quiet?

To my surprise, many philosophical practitioners I met in the past revealed themselves as practioners of a contemplative system with exercises from ancient Eastern or Western traditions, but also from modern, science-based creations.

As a first step. we might investigate what we mean by the two above-mentioned practices, before we are able to understand their common ground. Although it seems hopeless to define them meaningfully and briefly, we nevertheless should dare the impossible in order to clarify our current belief system and bring it into movement.

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