Stefano Zampieri

Stefano Zampieri

I am a philosophical practitioner and counselor with a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Venice. I was president of Phronesis – Italian Association for philosophical counseling, and I am now a trainer at the training school for philosophical counselors of Phronesis. As a researcher I studied at length issues related to the philosophy of the Holocaust, and I have published several papers about philosophical counseling, particularly the first Italian handbook of philosophical counseling, Manuale della consulenza filosofica (2013). I founded “Zona Filosofica” in Venice, an original space for sharing philosophical reflection on the themes of existence.

The complex dynamics of a relationship in a couple is probably one of the most recurring issues brought up by a guest in a philosophical counselling. So, it is quite frequent to deal with the question: What is love? How can it be detected? How does it start? How does it finish?…

In my opinion, to answer the question “what’s philosophical in philosophical counselling?” we first need to explain what is it, which we call philosophy. The answer has to be a double one: philosophy is both an attitude and a content.

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