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1. Philo-sophia: Feel the love of wisdom

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What is philosophical practice? We as philosophical practitioners know this question all too well. To agree on an answer between us practitioners isanother story. To use a metaphor: We have started on the Rubik ́s cube, and maybe we will never finish.

And maybe finishing actually is not all that important anyhow.  Nevertheless, in all discussions that I had on this question, it always seemed somehow related to the question: What is philosophy?

So, let us have a closer look on what philosophy actually means. As we know, philosophy derives from the term philo-sophia, which literally means the love of wisdom. The expression “love of wisdom” sounds nice but in principle it doesn’t say us very much. However, on a recent late night flight, while being half asleep, an idea hit me:

If love is something we can feel, then also the love of wisdom must be something that we can first and foremost feel – ergo: philosophy must be something that we can feel.

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Michael N. Weiss

I work as a philosophical practitioner in Norway, Austria and Switzerland, and am a board member of the Norwegian Society for Philosophical Practice. Having a post-graduate education in Philosophical Practice and a doctor degree in philosophy, I lecture on philosophical practice, applied ethics and dialogue methodologies at different universities and education centers.

As a philosophical practitioner I work mainly with groups, and my interests in the field are methodologies for self-knowledge, self-development and self-transcendence. This interest in methodologies made me initiate and edit the book-project "The Socratic Handbook", in which 34 philosophical practitioners from 20 countries present different dialogue tools and techniques for philosophical practice.

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