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3. Wondering: falling in love with wisdom

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This reflection string is about the idea that philosophy – which literally means love of wisdom – is something we can feel, simply because love is something we can feel.

Maybe we all know how it feels to fall in love. But what does it mean – in a more metaphorical sense – to “fall in love with wisdom”?

“Wisdom begins in wonder” as Socrates put it. And falling in love is sometimes the beginning of a long-term relationship. So we arrive at the following question:

Does wondering mean – metaphorically – falling in love with wisdom? In a way this makes sense, since being in a state of wonder can be similar to the state when falling in love.

When we wonder about something we are curious, and the same happen when we are infatuated – we want to know all about that special someone.

So, the final question for this reflection is: can you recall an experience or a moment of wonder – a moment where you “fell in love” with wisdom, so to say?

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Michael N. Weiss

I work as a philosophical practitioner in Norway, Austria and Switzerland, and am a board member of the Norwegian Society for Philosophical Practice. Having a post-graduate education in Philosophical Practice and a doctor degree in philosophy, I lecture on philosophical practice, applied ethics and dialogue methodologies at different universities and education centers.

As a philosophical practitioner I work mainly with groups, and my interests in the field are methodologies for self-knowledge, self-development and self-transcendence. This interest in methodologies made me initiate and edit the book-project "The Socratic Handbook", in which 34 philosophical practitioners from 20 countries present different dialogue tools and techniques for philosophical practice.

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