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4. Philosophizing - Caring for the love of wisdom

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This string of reflections focuses on philosophy in its literal translation, namely the love of wisdom. If we understand philosophy as love of wisdom, then, as a consequence, philosophy is something we can feel, simply because love is something we can feel.

Based on this idea, and on the quote of Socrates “Wisdom begins in wonder,” I wrote my last reflection about wondering as falling in love with wisdom. However:

Wondering does not immediately lead to wisdom, nor does the event of falling in love always result in a good relationship. Wondering, and falling in love, only mark beginnings.

What follows from these beginnings seems to be even more important: processes about establishing either a relation to wisdom or to the person we fell in love with. Therefore:

How do we experience our relation to wisdom? What is our emotional disposition in this relation? How do we care for this relation? And most importantly, are we open for it?

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Michael N. Weiss

I work as a philosophical practitioner in Norway, Austria and Switzerland, and am a board member of the Norwegian Society for Philosophical Practice. Having a post-graduate education in Philosophical Practice and a doctor degree in philosophy, I lecture on philosophical practice, applied ethics and dialogue methodologies at different universities and education centers.

As a philosophical practitioner I work mainly with groups, and my interests in the field are methodologies for self-knowledge, self-development and self-transcendence. This interest in methodologies made me initiate and edit the book-project "The Socratic Handbook", in which 34 philosophical practitioners from 20 countries present different dialogue tools and techniques for philosophical practice.

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