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3. Approaching the fathomless

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Do you know the situation in a dialogue when suddenly everything turns quiet?

Something happened, but it was not caused by the inability of the conversational partners to continue. There is a presence of something unknown, the atmosphere is sizzling. No one dares to say anything more, in order not to destroy this sacred presence.

The ancient Greeks explained this situation as the arrival of the messenger of gods, “Hermes.” Maybe this is a mythological expression of the experience of what we could call the fathomless.

However, what do we experience when we are approaching the fathomless?

Here are some observations: Reverence for something bigger touching me. Joy without knowing why. The pain of letting go of familiar concepts. The realization of being held by something that we cannot grasp with our discursive mind.

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Gerald Hofer

I am a German philosopher, a board member of the International Society for Philosophical Practice (IGPP), and alumnus of the first education course of the German professional association on philosophical practice. I am dedicated to exploring ways to approach the fathomless, or what the ancients called “the One.”

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