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Bertrand Russell – From mathematical thinking to Hegelianism and back

Bertrand Russell – From mathematical thinking to Hegelianism and back
Bertrand Russell – From mathematical thinking to Hegelianism and back   Bertrand Russell (1872-1970) was an important British philosopher, considered one of the founders of modern analytic philosophy. Throughout his life he continued developing and changing his philosophical views, sometimes from one extreme to another. He was also very interested in moral and social issues, and was politically active for women’s rights, social justice, and pacifism. The following passages are adapted (with...
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Maria Zambrano – The discovery that philosophy steps out of life

Maria Zambrano – The discovery that philosophy steps out of life
Maria Zambrano – The discovery that philosophy steps out of life   Maria Zambrano (1904-1991) was a Spanish philosopher who wrote in a unique poetic style. Her father was an intellectual, and she was interested in philosophy from an early age. She studied in Madrid philosophy with Ortega and others, and was active against the dictatorship of that time. She then left for Latin America, and returned to Spain only many years later. The following passage is from Zambrano’s book Delirium and Des...
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Plotinus: The shock of returning to the material world

Plotinus: The shock of returning to the material world
Plotinus: The shock of returning to the material world     Plotinus (about 204-270 AD), was a major ancient philosopher who operated in Rome. He was a central figure of Neoplatonism – a school of philosophy based on the thoughts of Plato, who had lived centuries earlier. According to his student Porphyry, Plotinus regarded the body (and the material world) as low and even despicable, and he yearned to rise to a higher level of reality and unify with the One. In his philosophical texts ...
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Rousseau's "a thousand brilliant insights" (1749)

Rousseau's "a thousand brilliant insights" (1749)
Rousseau 's "a thousand brilliant insights" (1749)     "I was on my way to see Diderot, who was then a prisoner at Vincennes. I had in my pocket a copy of the magazine “Mercure de France,” which I began to thumb through as I walked. Suddenly my eyes fell on the topic that was announced by the academy of Dijon, the topic which initiated my first written work. If anything ever resembled a flash of inspiration, it is the turmoil that took place within me upon reading that announcement. Su...
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Dear colleagues, Greetings! Today we contact you to send you the complete call of the 15th International Conference of Philosophical Practice (15 ICPP) where several philosophers, researchers, educators, entrepreneurs and general public will meet together to share ideas, dialogues, new topics to reflection, and many practices, all in relation to philosophical practice. Here the details     15th. INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PHILOSOPHICAL PRACTICE Philosophical practice to create humaniz...
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MANUAL DE COMPANIONSHIPS FILOSÓFICOS Un "companionship" filosófico comprende un grupo de personas, filósofos y no-filósofos, que se encuentran en línea o cara a cara y reflexionan juntos contemplando ideas filosóficas. En resonancia mutua entre ellos y dando voz a lo más profundo de sí, desarrollan juntos ideas profundas. El formato del "companionship" se ha venido desarrollando en los últimos años por Ran Lahav y sus colegas del movimiento de Práctica Filosófica. Se puede adquirir en
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Stepping out of Plato's Cave (2016)

Stepping out of Plato's Cave (2016) Philosophical practice is an international movement of philosophers who believe that philosophy can help us live our life more fully and deeply. Ran Lahav, a major contributor to the development of this field, presents here the approach which he has been developing for more than 20 years. The vision presented in this book is ambitious. It gives philosophy the task of transforming our life and elevating it, in line with the great visions of many important philo...
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Book of Creation (2017)

Book of Creation (2017) A novel (fantasy) by Michael Winstrom and Ran Lahav Waves of accidents and disasters of all kinds suddenly plague our world. Only the ancient society of Keepers understands that the earth’s Blessing is dwindling. Only these few hundred men and women know that the Vessels who channel the Blessing are dying out and that life itself – which depends for its very existence on the Blessing--is in peril. Vessels and Keepers are descendants of the Biblical Patriarchs who were tol...
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Handbuch für Philosophische Kameradschaften

Handbuch für Philosophische Kameradschaften Eine philosophische Kameradschaft ist eine Gruppe von Menschen, Philosophen oder Nicht-Philosophen, die sich online oder von Angesicht zu Angesicht treffen und im Miteinander über philosophischen Ideen nachsinnen. Sie bringen sich in Einklang miteinander und verleihen dem tiefer liegenden Aspekt ihres Seins eine Stimme, wodurch sie gemeinsam tiefgründige Einsichten gewinnen. Das Format der Kameradschaft wurde in den letzten Jahren von Ran Lahav und sei...
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Der Schritt aus Platons Höhle

Der Schritt aus Platons Höhle Platons berühmtes Höllengleichnis lehrt uns, dass die Philosophie unser Leben umwandeln und erheben kann. Sie kann uns helfen die enge „Hölle“ zu verstehen, in der wir gefangen sind und uns inspirieren, zu größeren Horizonten aufzubrechen. Das ist die Vision der Philosophischen Praxis, eine internationale Bewegung von Philosophen, die der Meinung sind, dass die Philosophie uns helfen kann unser Leben erfüllter und tiefgründiger zu leben. Ran Lahav, einer der Hauptak...
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