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MANUAL DE COMPANIONSHIPS FILOSÓFICOS Un "companionship" filosófico comprende un grupo de personas, filósofos y no-filósofos, que se encuentran en línea o cara a cara y reflexionan juntos contemplando ideas filosóficas. En resonancia mutua entre ellos y dando voz a lo más profundo de sí, desarrollan juntos ideas profundas. El formato del "companionship" se ha venido desarrollando en los últimos años por Ran Lahav y sus colegas del movimiento de Práctica Filosófica. Se puede adquirir en
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Stepping out of Plato's Cave (2016)

Stepping out of Plato's Cave (2016) Philosophical practice is an international movement of philosophers who believe that philosophy can help us live our life more fully and deeply. Ran Lahav, a major contributor to the development of this field, presents here the approach which he has been developing for more than 20 years. The vision presented in this book is ambitious. It gives philosophy the task of transforming our life and elevating it, in line with the great visions of many important philo...
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Book of Creation (2017)

Book of Creation (2017) A novel (fantasy) by Michael Winstrom and Ran Lahav Waves of accidents and disasters of all kinds suddenly plague our world. Only the ancient society of Keepers understands that the earth’s Blessing is dwindling. Only these few hundred men and women know that the Vessels who channel the Blessing are dying out and that life itself – which depends for its very existence on the Blessing--is in peril. Vessels and Keepers are descendants of the Biblical Patriarchs who were tol...
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Handbuch für Philosophische Kameradschaften

Handbuch für Philosophische Kameradschaften Eine philosophische Kameradschaft ist eine Gruppe von Menschen, Philosophen oder Nicht-Philosophen, die sich online oder von Angesicht zu Angesicht treffen und im Miteinander über philosophischen Ideen nachsinnen. Sie bringen sich in Einklang miteinander und verleihen dem tiefer liegenden Aspekt ihres Seins eine Stimme, wodurch sie gemeinsam tiefgründige Einsichten gewinnen. Das Format der Kameradschaft wurde in den letzten Jahren von Ran Lahav und sei...
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Der Schritt aus Platons Höhle

Der Schritt aus Platons Höhle Platons berühmtes Höllengleichnis lehrt uns, dass die Philosophie unser Leben umwandeln und erheben kann. Sie kann uns helfen die enge „Hölle“ zu verstehen, in der wir gefangen sind und uns inspirieren, zu größeren Horizonten aufzubrechen. Das ist die Vision der Philosophischen Praxis, eine internationale Bewegung von Philosophen, die der Meinung sind, dass die Philosophie uns helfen kann unser Leben erfüllter und tiefgründiger zu leben. Ran Lahav, einer der Hauptak...
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Cheol-hak Chin-gyo

Cheol-hak Chin-gyo (2017) Korean: Handbook of Philosophical Companionship A philosophical companionship is a group of people who meet online or face-to-face and contemplate in togetherness on philosophical ideas. They resonate with each other and give voice to their inner depth, developing together profound insights. The companionship format has been developed in recent years by Ran Lahav and his colleagues from the philosophical practice movement. In this handbook Ran Lahav explains the general...
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РУКОВОДСТВО по ФИЛОСОФСКоМУ партнерству Знаменитая аллегория Платона о пещере учит нас, что философия может существенно трансформировать и возвысить нашу жизнь. Она может помочь нам осознать ту тесную "пещеру", в которой мы томимся, и вдохновить нас выйти из нее к новым горизонтам. Такова позиция философской практики, международного движения философов, считающих, что философия может помочь нам жить более полно и глубоко. Ран Лахав, философ, который внес значительный вклад в развитие этого движен...
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Puzzle 2

AGORA  PHILOSOPHY  PUZZLE  #2 Identify the five words below – they are quite common in philosophical discussions. E-mail us those five words before the weekend of July 29 (AgoraPhilosophy at The winners will be mentioned on Agora, and one of them will be selected randomly to win a Loyev book for free. In order to identify those five words, note that each letter has a number. See the clues below to identify letter number 1, letter number 2, letter number 3, etc.   ...
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MANUALE DELLA COMPAGNIA FILOSOFICA (2016) Una compagnia filosofica è un Gruppo di persone che s’incontra on-line o di persona e contempla stando insieme sulle idée filosofiche. I partecipanti risuonano l’uno con l’altro e danno voce alla loro profondità interiore, sviluppando insieme intuizioni profonde. Il format della compagnia è stato recentemente sviluppato da Ran Lahav e dai colleghi del movimento della pratica filosofica. In questo manuale Ran Lahav spiega i principi generali della compagn...
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Uscire dalla Caverna di Platone

Uscire dalla Caverna di Platone Il famoso mito della caverna di Platone ci insegna che la filosofia può trasformare la nostra vita ed elevarla. Può aiutarci a renderci conto della angusta “caverna” in cui siamo imprigionati e stimolarci e ispirarci ad uscirne per dirigere i nostri passi verso orizzonti più vasti. Questa è la prospettiva della Pratica Filosofica, un movimento internazionale di filosofi che credono che la filosofia possa incoraggiarci a vivere la vita con maggiore pienezza e profo...
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