I am a Philosophical Counselor/ Practitioner operating since 2007 in-situ in Brisbane, Australia, via Skype and by invitation beyond.  Over the past few years I have taken my particular approach to Philosophical Counseling, that is Dramatic Philosophy, to many people in many countries including South Korea, South Africa, Mexico and Italy.

As of 28th October 2017 I will have been a registered teacher in Australia for almost 40 years. During that time I have worked in most fields of education, including from pre-school to tertiary; and as a teacher and counselor in special education and hospital schools. I have also worked as a professional writer, director and actor in theatre and television.

Throughout my career I have focused on exploring the idea of Dramatic Philosophy as a space for philosophical reflection and action around the concepts of compassion, empathy, autobiography, freedom and the encounter with the Other.

I hold a Master of Arts (Philosophy) from the University of Queensland, a Graduate Diploma of Special Education (Orthopedic Disabilities) a Bachelor of Educational Studies, and an Associate Diploma of Performing Arts (Theatre).

Dramatic Philosophy

Dramatic Philosophy Dramatic representations have long been conceived as provocations for philosophical engagement. From Plato and Hypatia through Brecht and Sartre, Beauvoir and Duras, they have provided fertile ground for considerations about what it means to live a moral life, what it means to engage the moral imagination and how dramatic dialogue impacts on the realization of reasonable connections between humanity’s participants. Theatre, as an example of a dramatic representation, can be r...
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