Maurizio Bisogno

Maurizio Bisogno is dedicated to philosophy since his young age. He obtained a Master in Philosophy in 1990. Maurizio lives in Cork, Ireland where he works and has his private counselling practice. He’s the author of La Filosofia è la Vita and Introduction to Philosophy both available on Amazon. Here is Maurizio’s web page: . He has also produced several videos on Youtube, here is the link to his Youtube Channel:

The chemical alteration of the brain.

[Maurizio Bisogno - introduction, second revision, 0817] Why do most humans use substances that alter their state of the mind? Why do humans have this need to get intoxicated? Is it due to human nature or to the society in which they live? That is, is Man a being who seeks an escape from life itself or He escapes from a certain kind of life? It is a fact of our condition as human beings: we seek the chemical alteration of mind and brain. In fact, it does not seem possible to imagine the life of ...
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Weaknesses and Awakening

Your vices are the leading line to your healing. "Why nobody confesses his defects? Because they are still fully immersed in them." In what age do you believe they have written this sentence? We will tell it later, now let us reflect for a moment on its teaching. It is the consciousness, the distancing from oneself, the look from the outside, stopping the flow of the usual things, and so on, which reveal our shortcomings. When you are completely immersed in the things you do or you are, you do n...
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