Instructions for submission:

A Reflection must be an original text of approximately 100-400 words, preferably in English but possibly in another major language. Perfect English is not expected (mistakes are acceptable, since most of us are not native English speakers).
Note: This is not a discussion forum. To comment on a given reflection, please use the Comments box at the bottom of that reflection (or of any reflection in that string).

   To contribute a new reflection to an existing string – please e-mail your text to and indicate clearly the string to which you want to add your reflection.  No attachments please! At the top of your reflection write the title of your reflection and your full name. If this is your first reflection, you are invited to add a few lines about yourself. If you have comments or requests, you can add them to your e-mail.

   To start a new string of reflections on a new topic – please send a brief e-mail with your proposal to Arto Tukiainen, the editor of the Reflections page, at By starting a new string you agree to serve as the String Initiator for at least 4 weeks, which means that you should make sure that each week at least one reflection (yours or somebody else’s) appears on your string. There is no limit to the number of reflections that can appear each week in a given string.

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